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1. Fill in the blank:
Isn't there anything better than this on the radio?
I'm sorry, ______
A: but these is the best.
B: there is anything greater than this
C: they isn't not
D: this is the greater show.
E: there's nothing better.
2. Fill in the blank:
Are Ferraris expensive?
Yes, ______
A: are the more expensive cars in the world.
B: they're the most expensive in the world.
C: it is most expensive.
D: they are the more expensiver.
E: they are very more expensive.
Can she speak any foreign languages?
A: Yes, she can speaks Dutch.
B: Yes, she can. She speaks German well.
C: Yes, I think she cans.
D: No, elizabeth cannot speaks a foreign language.
E: She can speak the French.
4. Put the words in the CORRECT ORDER:
are what you here doing?
A. are
B. what
C. you
D. here
E. doing

(For example, type bcdea in the box.)
5. Put the words in the CORRECT ORDER:
fire your on is hat
A. fire
B. your
C. on
D. is
E. hat

(For example, type bcdea in the box.)
6. CHANGE the word TO PLURAL:

Will you pass me some milk please?
A: No, thank you.
B: Okay, I will. When?
C: Sure, no problem. How many milk do you want?
D: I'm sorry, there is any milk.
E: Yes, I will. Here you are.
I'll talk to the man in the shop; he'll know where the post office is.

9. Which is CORRECT?
A: Tomorrow, Bill has the lots to do.
B: He must get up early because he must eat the breakfast with his brother.
C: There, they will buy a few milk.
D: In the afternoon, they will eat lunch in the garden.
E: Tomorrow she's going out to eat with hers friends.
10. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:
Do you go swimming often?
A: Yes, I once a week go swimming at the sports centre.
B: Yes, I usually go swimming on Mondays.
C: Yes, I go swimming every days.
D: I go swimming at Sunday.
E: No, never I go swimming.
11. Which is CORRECT?
A: In the office of John, there is a chair, a desk and a computer.
B: There are paper on the desk.
C: The new files are on the shelves, inside the cupboard.
D: Is photocopy paper in a drawer on the desk.
E: Behind the desk, there is many dust.
12. Which is CORRECT?
A: France is famous for its good wine and cheese.
B: Pasta is cheaps, nutritious and easy to prepare.
C: The more richer people in live in France.
D: Everybody's heard of a Lada, the slower car in the world.
E: French is expert at making wine.
13. Fill in the blank:
Have you ______ eaten wild boar?
No, I haven't.
A: ever
B: always
C: still
D: yet
E: much
14. Fill in the blank:
I don't think ______ can drive faster than Lewis Hamilton.
A: everyone
B: no one
C: one
D: anyone
E: someone
15. Which is NOT POLITE?
A: May I have some beer please?
B: I'd like a coke.
C: Can I get some french fries?
D: Could I have a cup of tea?
E: I want a sandwich.
16. Choose the CORRECT RESPONSE:
What happened to your face?
A: I fell over.
B: I was falling over.
C: It was broken.
D: It did get hurt.
E: someone hitted me.
17. Fill in the blank:
______ thinking about your girlfriend?
A: What you were
B: Were you
C: Was you
D: You were
E: You was
18. Choose the CORRECT QUESTION:
he's about eighty-five kilograms.
A: What weight is Mr. Harding?
B: Which weight is Mrs. Harding?
C: Weighs much Mrs. Harding?
D: How much does Mr. Harding weigh?
E: How much weighs Mr. Harding?
19. Fill in the blank:
Catherine is really rude: she walked right ______ me without helping with my bags.
A: by
B: of
C: from
D: across
E: passed
20. CHANGE the sentence TO A QUESTION:
They went cycling.