English Enable!

English Enable

Many of the poorest communities in the world would benefit from English lessons. Whether it is to create new prospects for themselves and their families, move abroad to find better job conditions, or to become an active member of their community, in education, medicine and politics. Often learning English can be the first step in making this journey.

Much is being done to help poverty stricken communities through charities and aid, however many are still left in the dark without the education needed to succeed. Often these communities find it almost impossible to receive English lessons - especially by professionally trained native English teachers.

Phonebox Language School is proposing a new charity scheme called 'English Enable'. Through the help of our sponsors we propose to help expand the education of the most impoverished communities through volunteer language lessons from our English school using the latest technologies, such as Skype, ipads, projectors and computers.

To overcome the many challenges these communities face in learning English, Phonebox Language School proposes a simple solution - with modern accessible technology.

Community centres with access to computers and the internet will be able to request an 'English Enable' course from Phonebox Language School, English lessons will be divided into 3 categories, General English for Children, General English for Adults and Business English.

English Enable lessons will be conducted by professional native English teachers - who are volunteers at the school,with lessons conducted at different times suitable to the community. English lessons will be through Skype with groups of up to 5 students being able to partake in each lesson. We hope to also provide basic computer equipment where necessary, so that the poorest communities may benefit. English materials will be shown on the computer and will be available for printing, allowing each student to partake.

It is becoming more and more common in schools to use computers and technology in the class room, some schools have taken to using ipads as a basic learning aid for all students. With technology more widely and cheaply available than ever there is no reason why these technologies can not be used with those most at need.

Our aim is simple - to provide a cost effective elegant solution to helping the most impoverished communities to reach out and be enabled by English.

We are desperate for volunteers, sponsors and support. If you write for a blog, website or newspaper, or are an English teacher wishing to donate some of your time to helping those who will benefit the most please let us know.

Please contact us to find out how you can help.

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General English and Business English by Skype

  • 5 x lessons 10.49€ per 30 minutes
  • 10 x lessons 9.99€ each (Save 5.00€)
  • 20 x lessons 9.49€ each (Save 20.00€)
  • 40 x lessons 8.99€ each (Save 60.00€)

General English and Business English by Telephone

  • 5 x lessons 12.49€ per 30 minutes
  • 10 x lessons 11.99€ each (Save 5.00€)
  • 20 x lessons 11.49€ each (Save 20.00€)
  • 40 x lessons 10.99€ each (Save 60.00€)

Exam Preparation by Skype

  • 10 x lessons 11.49€ each
  • 20 x lessons 11.49€ + Free MacMillan Practice
  • Online - Exam Preparation Course

Exam Preparation by Telephone

  • 10 x lessons 13.49€ each
  • 20 x lessons 13.49€ + Free MacMillan Practice
  • Online - Exam Preparation Course
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